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County and State Boundaries


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County and State Mapping Program


The Purpose of the North Carolina Geodetic Survey (NCGS) via its State and County Boundary Program is legislated by the State of North Carolina to resurvey ambiguous sections of the state's borders and county boundaries in order to:
• Prevent boundary-related legal disputes between bordering entities
• Facilitate real estate property assessments, E-911 services, building inspections, and school assignments.



State Borders:

North Carolina - Virginia (NC -VA)
• Completed survey location of existing monuments 1 -28 along the Currituck, Camden, and Gates county line sections. Several monuments located along the Warren, Vance, and Granville county line sections.
North Carolina - South Carolina (NC -SC)
• All surveys completed, approved by NC Council of State on October 4, 2016, and Executive Order 118 signed by Gov. Pat McCrory on December 5, 2016 proclaiming the approved survey as the true boundary line between the State of NC and State of SC.
• The re-established boundary line is now included in the official boundary shapefile in NAD83(2011) coordinates, and is available in the link in the left column under Data.
• Questions regarding the re-established boundary process can be directed to Gary Thompson, NC Geodetic Survey Chief.
• Questions regarding GIS can be directed to Watson Ross, NC Geodetic Survey GIS Manager.
North Carolina - Georgia (NC -GA)
• Mapping Grade coordinates on several monuments along this line.
North Carolina - Tennessee (NC-TN)
• Research survey information along this line

State and County Boundary Shapefile:

North Carolina Geodetic Survey is tasked with maintaining the officially recognized State and County Boundary map for North Carolina. This shape file was created from best available data from North Carolina Department of Transportation, United States Geological Survey 7.5' Quad Sheets, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources stream data as well as survey data from Licensed Surveyors that has been recorded in the register of deeds office for the respective county.
For more information, contact:​
Ronald Harding, PLS
Phone: (919) 948-7836
Fax: (919) 733-4407